Process Films

Filmetrics® offers a full range of instruments and systems for measuring thickness and index of any non-metallic semiconductor process film.

The F20 general purpose film thickness measurement instrument is the most affordable solution for single-spot measurements of thickness and index.

The F40 microscope based film thickness measurement instrument is for small-spot-size thickness measurements (down to 1 micron or less), and will attach to your microscope.

For affordable, automated point-by-point thickness mapping of blanket films, try the F50 film thickness measurement mapping instrument. Alternatively, product wafers requiring small spot size and pattern recognition will find the F54-XY an exceptional choice.

Our patented Thickness Imaging technology results in easier set up, fewer recipes, more robust pattern recognition, and much lower cost than conventional thin-film metrology tools. Both stand alone and integrated versions are available.

Contact our thin-film experts to discuss your process film application.

Filmetrics offers free trial measurements- results are typically available in 1-2 days