Thin-film Thickness Measurement Systems Applications Index

Filmetrics thin-film thickness measurement systems are used in as many applications as there are applications for thin films – which is to say thousands! In spite of this broad application base, we’ve found that many thin-film thickness measurement applications fall within one of the categories below. Browse them, or use the "Search Applications" function that looks for keywords and synonyms.

Browse Thin-Film Measurement Applications:

Dielectric Films

Filmetrics stocks instruments that measure the thousands of dielectric thin films used throughout industry.

CVD, dielectrics, barrier, PECVD, passivation, insulator, protection, Al2O3, CoO, ZnO, MoO, TiO2, Cr2O3, Nb2O5

Hardcoat Thickness

Filmetrics systems are used widely in the automotive industry to verify hardcoat and primer thickness.

Acrylic, Automotive industry, Chemical resistance, Clear coating, Decorative coating, Hardcoat, Eyewear, Face shield, Hardcoat, Hardness, Interpenetration Layer, Marring, Ophthalmic lens, Optical quality, Plastic lens, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Siloxane, Primer, Protective film, Scratch resistant, Screen protection, Surface finish, Surface protection, Thermal cure, Top coating, Touch screen, UV coating, UV cure

IC Failure Analysis

The F3-sX is used throughout the chip making industry to measure backside thinning of silicon.

Failure Analysis, FA, Silicon, Si, Integrated circuit, IC, Polishing, Backside failure analysis, Silicon thinning

ITO & Other TCOs

Proprietary analysis algorithms allow one-click measurement of TCO thickness, index, and k.

Indium tin oxide, ITO, tin-doped indium oxide, Transparent conductive oxide, TCO, Display, Front contact, Transparent Electrode, LED, LCD, Solar, Fluorine-doped tin oxide, FTO, TEC, TEC glass, Aluminum zinc oxide, AZO, Aluminum-doped zinc oxide, Zinc oxide, iZO, Indium zinc oxide, IZO, zinc-doped indium oxide

Medical Devices

Measure thickness of angioplasty balloons, stent and implant coatings, and many others.

Stents, drug-coated stents, Drug-coating, Balloons, Angioplasty, Parylene, Microfluidic device, Air gap, Catheter, Membranes

Metal Thickness

Measure thickness, index, and k of metal films up to 50nm, or thickness, sheet resistance, and resistivity of conductive films and samples

Metallized, Metallization, Foils, Stents, Mirrors, Steel, Stainless Steel, Gold, Nickel, Aluminium, Silver, Cobalt, Zinc, Molybdenum, Titanium, Chrome, Chromium, Niobium, Tungsten, Gallium, Germanium


Measure thickness and index of NPB, AlQ3, PEDOT, P3HT, soluble Teflons, etc…

PLED, AMOLED, Hole Transport (HT), Hole Injection Layer (HIL), Host Materials, anode, cathode, Alq3, NPB, phenylene vinylene, carbazole, thiophene, aniline, styrenesulfonate, phthalocyanine, naphthalene, fluorene, lithium, silver, ITO, calcium

Ophthalmic Coatings

Use the F10-AR to measure reflectance and color, as well as AR and hardcoat layer thicknesses.

eyeglasses, HC, hardcoat, scratch resistant, AR, anti-reflection, reflectance, UV curable, hydrophillic, polycarbonate, high index, CR39, MR-6, MR-7, Trivex

Optical Coatings & Filters

Filmetrics powerful measurement algorithms can easily measure multilayer dielectric film stacks.

optical, coatings, multi layer, multilayer, dielectric, stack, glass, band-pass, F10-RT, filter, transmittance


We’ve measured dozens of different resists, and can generate index files for any resist you use.

SU-8, resist, Photoresist, PR, AZ, AZP, ZEP, positive, negative, g-line, i-line, KrF, PMMA, FEP, GRX, KMPR

Refractive Index & k

Measure refractive index and extinction coefficient over wavelengths as wide as 190-1700nm.

n & k, complex, real, imaginary, refractive index, absorption, extinction coefficient, indices, Kramers-Kronig, optical dispersion, dielectric, Lorentz, Cauchy, photoresist, anomalous dispersion, path length

Solar Applications

Measure CdTe, CdS, CIGS, amorphous-Si, TCOs, anti-reflection (AR) layers, and more...

Copper indium gallium diselenide, CIGS, Cadmium telluride, CdTe, Cad tel, Amorphous silicon, Amorphous Si, a-Si, Cadmium sulfide, CdS, window layer, buffer layer, Thin-film photovoltaic, Thin-film PV, TFPV, photovoltaics, Solar, Solar cells, Inline, In-situ, Roll-to-roll, R2R, Evaporation, Sputtering, CVD, MOCVD, PECVD, Transparent conductive oxide, TCO, Indium tin oxide, ITO, tin-doped indium oxide

Surface Roughness & Finish

3-dimensional surface profile measurements to measure surface roughness.

surface, roughness, optical profile, profilometer, finish, roughness measurement, polish, lapping, metal, scan

Web Coatings

Filmetrics systems are widely used in the polymer-films community to measure thickness in-line.

Roll to roll, Roll measurements, Roll systems, Rolling substrate, Roll fed, Roll web, Reel to reel , R2R, Web coater, Autoweb, In-line, In-line monitor, Online thickness, Line monitoring system, Precision measuring tools, Automatic, Feeding, Production, Multipoint, High speed