Hardcoat Thickness Measurements

Filmetrics® systems are used widely in the automotive and aviation industries for thickness measurement of hardcoats and other protective films. Quality controlled hard coat films are commonly found on many plastic parts in the industry. The F10-HC hardcoat thickness measurement instrument is specially designed for the curved surfaces and multiple layers (e.g., primer and hardcoat) encountered in these applications.

Automotive Headlamp Hardcoat and Anti-fog Applications

There are multiple points in automotive headlamp-assembly manufacturing where coating thickness is critical to quality. The thickness of the outer hardcoat layers and inner anti-fog layers on polycarbonate lenses and the base coat on reflectors are all important. Each of these applications offers a unique set of challenges and Filmetrics has developed the software, hardware, and applications knowledge to deliver the right hardcoat thickness measurement solution.

For hardcoat application information, please contact one of our thin-film experts.

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Hardcoat Thickness Measurement Example

Reflectance data was collected using our F10-ARc anti-reflection coating system with optional HC upgrade which allows thickness measurements. This instrument uses an optical contact probe which inherently reduces the effect of backside reflections.
The surface of the acrylic sheet is placed on the contact probe. The spectral data is collected and then automatically analyzed by FILMeasure to determine the coating thickness. There was a coating of primer and hardcoat with very similar refractive indices on this particular acrylic sheet.

Measurement Set Up


Measurement Result