The World’s First Affordable 3D Profilometer: Profilm3D®

Profilm3D optical profilometer
Profilm3D base configuration
( <$25k !)

Get a 3D optical profilometer for less than half the price of an AFM!

The Profilm3D® optical profiler uses state-of-the-art white light interferometry (WLI) to measure surface profiles and roughness down to 0.05µm; adding the low-cost PSI option takes the minimum vertical feature size down to 0.001µm. The newest generation of the Profilm3D optical profilometer offers Enhanced Roughness Mode for accurately imaging rough surfaces and highly-sloped sidewalls.

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Model Specifications

Model XY Stage Range
Profilm3D 100mm x 100mm
Profilm3D-200 200mm x 200mm

Free! Web-based Analyzer for Profilometer and AFM Images

Drag to rotate these Profilm3D images and scroll to zoom. For a more complete analysis, simply click on an image title to view it with ProfilmOnline® - our free web-based program for viewing, analyzing, and sharing images from any 3D profilometer or AFM!

Intuitive Analysis with Profilm3D Profilometer Software

Our full-featured Profilm software is available for viewing and analyzing your Profilm3D images on your desktop. Your images can also be viewed and analyzed anywhere you have a browser – including a tablet or smartphone – on our ProfilmOnline website (ProfilmOnline is also a great place to store and share your images and analysis results!)

Measuring a Step-Height with the Profilm3D Profilometer

Profilm Desktop Analysis Capabilities (Partial List)

All 47 standard ASME/EUR/ISO roughness parameters

Multiple Step-height techniques: line, rectangle, and histogram

Roughness and waviness cutoff filter

Bearing ratio

Spatial and FFT filtering

Volume calculation

Form removal