The World’s First Affordable 3D Profilometer: Profilm3D®

Profilm3D optical profilometer
Profilm3D base configuration
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Get a 3D optical profilometer for less than half the price of an atomic force microscope (AFM)!

The Profilm3D® optical profiler uses a state-of-the-art non-contact optical method for measuring surface profiles and roughness, white light interferometry (WLI). White light interferometry measures surface profiles and roughness down to 0.05µm; adding the low-cost phase shifting interferometry (PSI) option takes the minimum vertical feature size down to 0.001µm.

The newest generation of the Profilm3D non-contact optical profilometer offers Enhanced Roughness Mode for accurately imaging rough surfaces and highly-sloped sidewalls.

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Model Specifications

Model XY Stage Range
Profilm3D 100mm x 100mm
Profilm3D-200 200mm x 200mm

Free! Web-based Analyzer for Profilometer and AFM Images

Drag to rotate these Profilm3D images and scroll to zoom. For a more complete analysis, simply click on an image title to view it with ProfilmOnline® - our free web-based program for viewing, analyzing, and sharing images from any 3D profilometer or AFM!

Intuitive Analysis with Profilm3D Profilometer Software

Our full-featured Profilm software is available for viewing and analyzing your Profilm3D images on your desktop. Your images can also be viewed and analyzed anywhere you have a browser – including a tablet or smartphone – on our ProfilmOnline website (ProfilmOnline is also a great place to store and share your images and analysis results!)

Measuring a Step-Height with the Profilm3D Profilometer

Profilm Desktop Analysis Capabilities (Partial List)

All 47 standard ASME/EUR/ISO roughness parameters

Multiple Step-height techniques: line, rectangle, and histogram

Roughness and waviness cutoff filter

Bearing ratio

Spatial and FFT filtering

Volume calculation

Form removal


Watch our Thin-Film Metrology Video Tutorials including videos about how to measure a step height with the Profilm3D, techniques, and tutorials.