Understanding Thin Film Thickness Metrology

Shedding a little light on thin-film thickness measurements.

So how do you measure something thinner than a human hair? We’ve created a handy guide to better explain what we do titled, “Taking the Mystery Out of Thin-Film Measurement.” Think of this metrology guide as a must-read Cliff Notes if you’re in the industry whether your job is depositing thin films, measuring thin films, or using thin films.

Trust us, you’ll be able to understand the technique of spectral reflectance (SR), the technique Filmetrics® uses to reflect light off the film and then analyze the reflected light over a range of wavelengths. We’ll also share insights why spectral reflectance is often preferred over common metrology methods such as ellipsometry and profilometry for measuring thin films.

Measuring thin-films: how bubbles get their color.

For a fun, video-based description of the physical basis for our thin-film thickness measurements, watch our video below.