Thickness Standards

Thickness Standards

Filmetrics stocks a wide selection of thin-film thickness standards. If you don’t see what you need below please contact us. We can also make film thickness standards from samples that you supply. All thickness standards can be supplied as NIST-traceable

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  • TS-Focus-SiO2-4-3100

    SiO2-on-Si thickness standard with focus area, approx 3100Å thick, 4 inch wafer.
  • TS-Focus-SiO2-4-10000

    SiO2-on-Si thickness standard with focus area, approx 10000Å thick, 4 inch wafer.
  • TS-FusedSilica-.125

  • TS-Hardcoat-4µm

    Hardcoat-on-acrylic thickness standard, approx 4µm thick, 2 inch diameter.
  • TS-Hardcoat-Trans

    Hardcoat with transparent backside for transmittance measurements.
  • TS-Parylene-4µm

    Parylene-on-acrylic thickness standard, approx 4µm thick, 2 inch diameter.
  • TS-Parylene-8µm

    Parylene-on-silicon thickness standard, approx 8µm thick, 23mm x 23mm.
  • TS-Si-2-250um

    Si thickness standard, approx 250um thick, 2" wafer
  • TS-SiO2-4-7200

    SiO2-on-Si thickness standard, approx 7200Å thick, 4 inch wafer.
  • TS-SiO2-4-7200-NIST

    NIST-traceable TS-SiO2-4-7200.
  • TS-SiO2-6-Multi

    SiO2-on-Si multiple thickness standard: 125Å, 250Å, 500Å, 1000Å, 5000Å, and 10000Å (actual thicknesses +/-10% nominal values, accurate to within 2Å), on 6 inch wafer.
  • TS-SS3-SiO2-2000

    SiO2-on-Si thickness standard, approx 2000Å thick, for SS-3 stage.
  • TS-SS3-SiO2-8000

    SiO2-on-Si thickness standard, approx 8000Å thick, for SS-3 stage.
  • TS-SS3-SiO2-16000

    SiO2-on-Si thickness standard, approx 16000Å thick, for SS-3 stage.
  • TS-SiO2-2500nm-High-n-Glass

    SiO2-on-High-n-Glass thickness standard, approx 2500nm thick, 2" diameter
  • TS-SiO2-8000nm-High-n-Glass

    SiO2-on-High-n-Glass thickness standard, approx 8000nm thick, 2" diameter