Filmetrics fiber assemblies

Filmetrics stocks dozens of different fiber assemblies. If you have a custom fiber requirement there's a good chance we have it. Just a few of the most common fiber assemblies are shown below. We can also supply custom fibers if needed.

For more information on Filmetrics® fiber assemblies and other accessories, please contact our U.S. offices by calling +1 858-573-9300 (24 Hr, M-F) or contact us by e-mail.

  • FO-PAT-SMA-SMA-200-2 fiber assembly


    2-meter-long, 200µm-diameter patch fiber. SMA connector on both ends.
  • FO-RP1-APC-SMA-200-1.3 fiber assembly


    1.3-meter-long bifurcated reflection probe with APC common end.
  • FO-RP1-APC-SMA-200-1.3 fiber assembly


    1.3-meter-long bifurcated reflection probe.