Filmetrics fiber assemblies

Filmetrics provides diverse replacement fiber assemblies to suit your unique requirement. We have many types of fiber assemblies in inventory, including patch fibers, bifurcated reflection probes and specialty contact probes. If you have a special fiber need, it is likely that we carry it. Custom fiber assemblies are also available. Our fiber setups are compatible with our thin-film measurement systems and other optical accessories.

For more information on Filmetrics® fiber assemblies and other accessories, please contact our U.S. offices by calling +1 858-573-9300 (24 Hr, M-F) or contact us by e-mail.

  • FO-PAT-SMA-SMA-200-2 fiber assembly


    2-meter-long, 200µm-diameter patch fiber. SMA connector on both ends.
  • FO-RP1-APC-SMA-200-1.3 fiber assembly


    1.3-meter-long bifurcated reflection probe with APC common end.
  • FO-RP1-APC-SMA-200-1.3 fiber assembly


    1.3-meter-long bifurcated reflection probe.