Stages & Stage Accessories

Standard and specialized stages.

For more information on Filmetrics® stages and other accessories, please contact our U.S. offices by calling +1 858-573-9300 (24 Hr, M-F) or contact us by e-mail.

  • CS-1 contact stage upgrade


    Contact Stage Upgrade for SS-3, Wavelength Range 190-1700nm.
  • SS-3 sample stage


    6" x 6" sample stage supplied standard with F20 systems. Adjustable lens height, 103 mm throat. For all wavelength ranges.
  • SS-3-8 sample stage


    8" x 8" Sample Stage. Adjustable lens height, 139mm throat. For all wavelength ranges.
  • SS-3-24 sample stage


    24" x 24" Sample Stage for F20. Adjustable lens height, 550mm throat. For all wavelength ranges.
  • SS-5 sample stage


    6" x 6" sample stage, with focusable reflective optics. Requires fiber with APC connector. For all wavelength ranges.
  • SampleHoldDown-SS-3-50 sample holder


    Sample holder for SS-3 stage, 50mm x 50mm
  • SampleHoldDown-SS-3-110 sample holder


    Sample holder for SS-3 stage, 110mm x 110mm.
  • SampleHoldDown-F10-RT sample holder


    Sample holder for F10-RT.
  • SampleCam for SS-3 sample stage


    Video option for F20 systems. Includes hardware and camera. Live video shows the exact measurement location in real time. SS-3 stage not included.
  • SampleCam-sX video camera


    Video camera for the sX probe. Includes sX probe optics modifications. Stage not included.
  • StageBase-XY8-Manual-40mm stage


    8" x 8" Stage with SS-3 lens and 40mm of precision X-Y-Focus travel. Can be upgraded to motorized mapping and autofocus.
  • StageBase-XY10-Auto-100mm stage


    10" x 10" Stage with 100mm of precision X-Y-Focus travel, motorized mapping and autofocus.
  • SS-Microscope-UVX-1 microscope


    Microscope (15x Reflective objective) w/ X-Y stage. UV light source & illumination fiber included.
  • SS-Microscope-EXR-1 microscope


    Microscope w/ X-Y stage and illumination fiber. Requires objective lens. Light source is assumed to be F40.
  • SS-Trans-Curved transmittance stage


    Transmittance stage for flat or curved surfaces. Includes fibers. Designed for use with the F10-AR. Wavelength range 250-2500nm.
  • T-1 Transmittance


    Transmittance option for SS-3 stages. Includes fiber, stage adapter, and stage legs. For flat samples only.