Software Upgrades

Filmetrics Software Upgrades

Software is available for specialized applications.

For more information on Filmetrics® software and other accessories, please contact our U.S. offices by calling +1 858-573-9300 (24 Hr, M-F) or contact us by e-mail.

  • UPG-RT-to-Thickness software upgrade


    Thickness-Solving Software Upgrade. Requires UPG-Spec-to-RT.
  • UPG-Thickness-to-n&k software upgrade


    Index-Solving Software Upgrade. Requires UPG-RT-to-Thickness.
  • UPG-F10-AR-HC-SiO2 software upgrade


    FFT-based hardcoat-thickness-measurement software upgrade for F10-AR and F10-ARc. Includes TS-SiO2-2500nm-High-n-Glass thickness standard. Thickness range 0.25µm-15µm.
  • UPG-RT-to-Color & Regions software upgrade


    Color & Spectra Regions Analysis Software Upgrade. Requires UPG-Spec-to-RT.
  • UPG-Transparent Film Thickness software


    Measure thickness of transparent thin films from 2µm to 120µm.