F10-ARc Anti-Reflection Coating Instrument

Ahead of the curve. At a lower price.
Now it’s easy to measure curved surfaces including anti-reflection coatings on eyeglasses and other optical lenses. With the F10-ARc anti-reflection coating measurement instrument, get precise color and reflectance measurements in just seconds at a fraction of the price of other instruments – film thickness measurements are also an option. Plus no intensive training is required. You can even define intuitive go/no-go criteria for color and maximum, minimum, and average reflectance over any set of wavelength ranges.

Easy to set up. Easy to maintain.
Simply plug the F10-ARc into your computer’s USB port and you’re ready. Thanks to Filmetrics® innovations, downtime is almost nonexistent, as is the need for integration time and baselining. And with a 40,000-hour light source and automatic on-board wavelength calibration, you don’t have to be concerned with maintenance.

Model Specifications

Model Thickness Range* Wavelength Range
F10-ARc 200nm - 15µm** 380-1050nm
*film stack dependent
**Thickness optional

What’s Included

Additional Perks

Common Optional Accessories