F10-AR Anti-Reflection Coating Measurement Instrument

Measure Anti-Reflection Coatings and Hardcoats Easily and Affordably
The F10-AR is the first instrument designed for simple, affordable measurement of ophthalmic anti-reflection (AR) coatings. Available at a fraction of the cost of most instruments in use today, the AR coating measurement instrument contains several proprietary advances that allow line operators to make conclusive readings in seconds, and with only minutes of training. Minimum, maximum, and average reflectance can be go/no-go tested over any number of user-defined wavelength ranges. A special algorithm allows for the correction of localized reflectance distortions caused by hardcoat layers. Our proprietary AutoBaseline feature results in vastly increased baseline intervals and five-times better accuracy than other fiber-probe-based reflectance measurement systems. Measure hardcoat thickness 0.25-15µm with our optional UPG-F10-AR-HC software upgrade. Measuring hardcoat thickness even in the presence of AR layers is no problem.

No Backside Preparation Necessary
Our exclusive probe design rejects 98% of backside reflections on substrates 1.5mm thick, and rejects even more on thicker lenses. Like all of our thin-film measurement systems, the F10-AR connects to the USB port of your Windows® computer and sets up in minutes.

Model Specifications

Model Thickness Range* Wavelength Range
F10-AR-UV 100nm - 15µm** 190-1100nm
F10-AR-UVX', 100nm - 30µm** 190-1700nm
F10-AR 200nm - 15µm** 380-1050nm
F10-AR-EXR 200nm - 30µm** 380-1700nm
F10-AR-NIR 500nm - 30µm** 950-1700nm
*film stack dependent
**Thickness optional

Thickness Measurement Range*

F10-AR-UV F10-AR-UVX F10-AR F10-AR-EXR F10-AR-NIR 10nm 100nm 1µm 10µm 100µm
F10-AR-UV F10-AR-UVX F10-AR F10-AR-EXR F10-AR-NIR 10nm 100nm 1µm 10µm 100µm

What’s Included

Additional Perks

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