Measure Reflectance and Transmittance Simultaneously

The F10-RT reflectometer captures reflectance and transmittance spectra with a single mouse-click. For a fraction of the price of legacy reflectometry systems, users can measure min/max and color.

Optional thickness and index measurement modules provide access to all of the analytical power of the Filmetrics F20. Data can be exported and printed easily.

The F10-RTA models add 70° angled reflectance (450-800nm) to the F10-RT capabilities, which results in increased measurement capabilities for very complex thin films. This is especially useful for solar and OLED applications. Thickness and refractive index measurement modules come standard on F10-RTA models.

What's Included

Model Specifications

*Film stack dependent
**Thickness & index solving are optional
***Measures more complicated film stacks by adding angled reflectance
Model Thickness Range* Wavelength Range
F10-RT 15nm-70µm** 380-1050nm
F10-RT-UV 1nm-40µm** 190-1100nm
F10-RT-UVX 1nm-150µm** 190-1700nm
F10-RT-NIR 100nm-150µm** 950-1700nm
F10-RT-EXR 15nm-150µm** 380-1700nm
F10-RTA*** 5nm-70µm 380-1050nm
F10-RTA-UV*** 1nm-40µm 190-1100nm
F10-RTA-UVX*** 1nm-150µm 190-1700nm
F10-RTA-EXR*** 5nm-150µm 380-1700nm

Additional Perks

  • Library with over 130 materials included with every system, along with access to 100s more
  • Applications Engineers available for immediate 24-hour assistance (Mon-Fri)
  • Online "Hands On" support (internet connection required)
  • Hardware upgrade program