Our Commitment to Sustainability

Filmetrics is committed to environmentally sustainable business practices. Here are a few examples of recent changes that we have made:

  • We installed an 8kW solar photovoltaic system on our San Diego operations building May 2011.
  • We switched to recyclable Korrvu packaging material for the majority of our products in 2010.
  • We have switched to laptops and energy-efficient desktop computers wherever possible.
  • We re-ducted our headquarters' server-room exhaust to route warm air to the office space in winter.
  • We're continuing our switch to environmentally-friendly product materials. (For example, extruded ABS requires less energy to produce than aluminum. It is also lighter, resulting in decreased shipping weight.)
  • We offer an industry-exclusive Green discount for customers in Europe, when remote online demonstrations can be substituted for the traditional pre-sales visit.
  • After auditing standby power draws, we placed many office items on 24/7 timers (printers, battery chargers, coffee makers…)

We'd love to hear other ideas that you might have!