Thickness Measurement Products

Our film thickness measurement products are available for every application. We stock most of the products listed below for fast delivery. Browse through them or contact one of our Application Engineers, who can immediately assist you with your film thickness measurement needs.

Single-Spot Thickness Measurements

Tabletop systems for measuring film thickness and refractive index with a single mouse-click. Measure thicknesses from 1nm to 13mm - even within multilayer film stacks.

Most products are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

  • F20 F20

    The world's best-selling tabletop film thickness measurement system. Available with a wide range of accessories and thickness coverage.

  • F3 F3

    Our newest product line for measuring reflectance and film thickness. Thickness measurement range is 1nm to 3mm.

  • F10-ARc F10-ARc

    Measures reflectance of lenses and other curved surfaces. Options available for hardcoat thickness measurement.

  • F10-RT F10-RT

    Measures reflectance and transmittance simultaneously. Options available for thickness and index measurement.

  • F10-HC F10-HC

    Measures hardcoat and anti-fog film thickness and index. Popular in automotive and other industries that hardcoat polycarbonate.

  • F3-CS F3-CS

    Provides measurement of small witness or coupon samples.

  • F10-AR F10-AR

    Measures reflectance of ophthalmic lenses and other curved surfaces. Options available for transmittance and hardcoat thickness measurement.

Microscopic-Spot Thickness Measurements

Used when a measurement spot as small as 1µm is required - use your own microscope or let us supply the entire system.

  • F40 F40

    Attaches to your microscope to measure thickness and index in spots as small as 1µm.

  • F40-NSR F40-NSR

    Integrates seamlessly onto your NanoSpec™ 180/210 System.

Automated Thickness Mapping Systems

Fully-automatic mapping of thickness and index for nearly any sample shape. Manual-load and robotic-load systems are available.

  • F50 F50

    Adds automated mapping capabilities to our F20 family of products. Map thickness and index as fast as two points per second.

  • F54 F54

    Maps thin-film thickness of samples up to 450 mm in diameter as fast as two points per second.

  • F60-t F60-t

    Production-ready tabletop thickness mapping system includes on-board reflectance standard, notch finding, interlocked cover, and more.

Inline Thickness Monitoring

Monitor and control thickness of moving films during production. Sample rates as high as 100 Hz are possible at multiple measurement locations.

  • F30 F30

    Monitors reflectance, thickness, and deposition rates during MOCVD, sputtering, and virtually any other deposition process.

  • F32 F32

    Monitor reflectance, thickness, and deposition rate of the top and bottom of your film in real time.


Filmetrics offers a variety of accessories to meet your film-thickness measurement needs.