F3-CS Small Witness or Coupon Sample Measurement System

Filmetrics® designed the F3-CS specifically for measurement of small witness or coupon samples. Everyone from line operators to R&D personnel can measure layers such as parylene and vacuum coatings in seconds with this USB-powered system. Our proprietary AutoBaseline function drastically shortens measurement set up and automatically adjusts instrument sensitivity. With the hands-free measurement mode, samples are measured by simply setting your sample face-down on the stage. The system has everything necessary to measure hundreds of types of layers, no matter if they are on transparent and opaque substrates.

Fast Thickness Measurement
The optional FILMeasure thickness measurement software makes thickness measurements as easy as setting your sample on the stage. It includes the optical constants (n and k) for all common dielectric and semiconductor layers (including parylene C, N and HT). Thickness results are presented in real-time on an intuitive measurement results display. For advanced users, the F3-CS can be upgraded to measure refractive index. The F3-CS runs on any computer running Windows XP® through 64-bit Windows 8®, and a USB cable supplies both power and communication.

Model Specifications

Model Thickness Range* Wavelength Range
F3-CS 15nm - 70µm** 380-1050nm
F3-CS-UV 3nm - 40µm** 190-1100nm
F3-CS-NIR 100nm - 250µm** 950-1700nm
*film stack dependent
**thickness & index solving are optional

Thickness Range*

F3-CS-UV F3-CS F3-CS-NIR 1nm 10nm 100nm 1µm 10µm 100µm 1mm 10mm
F3-CS-UV F3-CS F3-CS-NIR 1nm 10nm 100nm 1µm 10µm 100µm 1mm 10mm

What’s Included

Additional Perks

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