Glass and Plastic Thickness Measurement

Transparent Material Thickness Measurement Transparent Material Thickness Measurement

The Filmetrics F70 measures the thickness of glass and plastic materials up to 13mm thick. Measurements are non-contact and can be made on flat or curved surfaces. Tabletop and inline versions are available.

Common applications include measuring lenses, sheets, tubing, food and beverage containers, and medical vials.

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Thickness Measurement Example

The accurate measurement of soft, clear plastic tubing can be challenging using traditional contact methods due to the compressive nature of the sample. By using Filmetrics’ color-coding thickness measurement (CTM) technique, we demonstrate the ability to measure the wall thickness of clear, flexible PVC tubing. This non-contact method provides fast and reliable thickness measurements on a variety of transparent substrates and coatings with high tolerance to curvature and surface roughness.

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