What We Measure

Material: We can measure all at-least-partially-transparent films, plus all semiconductors (transparent or not). The measured film must be at least somewhat shiny in appearance.

Thickness range: The range of thicknesses that our products can measure is somewhat material dependent, but here is a rough guide:

Units Thickness Range
Minimum Maximum
Å 10 10^8
nm 1 10^7
0.01 10^5
µm 0.001 10000
µm-in 0.04 40^4
mils 0.00004 400
mm 10^-6 10
g/cm^2 10^-7 1

Refractive index can be measured for films greater than 10nm thick (again, this is material dependent).

Number of layers: We can usually measure up to three individual films in a stack. In some circumstances, we can measure dozens of layers.

Substrate material: If the film is on a rough substrate (which includes most metals), generally the film's refractive index cannot be measured. In addition, rough substrates limit the minimum measurable film thickness to about 50nm.

Required information: We must know the ordering, identity, and nominal thickness of all films present, whether they are to be measured or not.

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