The World’s First Affordable 3D Surface Profiler:

The Profilm3D

Optical Profilometry Made Affordable

Finally, measurements of surface roughness and topography can be made with an instrument that costs less than a stylus profilometer. The Profilm3D has sub-nanometer vertical resolution, which surpasses instruments costing 3x as much. It does so by using the same state-of-the-art measurement technologies as the most sensitive optical profilers available: vertical-scanning interferometry (VSI) and phase-shifting interferometry (PSI).

The Analysis Power That You Need

Every Profilm3D comes standard with intuitive software for quick measurement of surface roughness, topography, and step heights. All common roughness parameters are supported, as is ISO 25178. Also included are software tools for removing sample shape, such as form removal and filtering. For even more advanced data manipulation, Filmetrics offers Profilm3D users a great deal on TrueMap, from our partners at TrueGage. Profilm3D data is, of course, also compatible with other industry-standard software analysis packages.

Others’ Options are Our Standard Features

Why pay extra for something everyone needs? An automated XY stage comes standard on every Profilm3D, as does a tip/tilt stage.

Setting a Standard with our Step-Height Standards

Each Profilm3D comes with a 10-µm step-height standard that is accurate to within 0.5%. We also offer a multi-step standard with steps of 100 nm, 2 µm, and 4 µm.

Wide Field-of-View

The Profilm3D’s exceptionally wide field-of-view - 2 mm with a 10x objective lens - and its digital zoom helps alleviate the need for multiple objective lenses for different applications, thus further reducing the overall cost of ownership. For those applications where the flexibility of multiple objective lenses is still required, manual and automatic turrets are available.

Common Optional Accessories